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Cool Celebrity Video images

Cool Celebrity Video images

A few nice celebrity video images I found:

Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight celebrity video
Image by Dustin Diaz 238/365. I'll be back â€" meet the Governator in high-def This is Arnold @Schwarzenegger. This shot was taken right darn near 3m 20s in this video during his tour of the Twoffice. The photographer you see in the video is the "official governors photographer" whom asked me to take an official head shot of him (the photographer) before the event started. He was very cool and just getting into strobist kinda photography. We worked well together and avoided getting in each others photos. At exactly 1m 38s during the video you'll see me snapping a few holding up an SB in one hand and a D3 in the other. I posted a few others on the Twitter office flickr account for anyone interested in checking those out. The other thing I wanted to mention about this shot is the irony of catching Arnold behind his security guard with those terminator eyes... I mean really, who would mess with him? Other than that, I apologize for the 2nd day in a row without having a strobist shot... but you just can't pass up having the Governator himself being part of the 365. Hasta la vista mañana.

Super Soap Stage celebrity video
Image by Rob Lee Disney MGM Studios

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